My Thoughts on Romance in books I’ve read.

Hey Book Lovers! 

Today is Valentines Day and I will probably be curled up with a book. Anyway I thought I’d talk about my feelings on Romance in books. 

To start I will just list some of my favourite books with a romance in that I enjoyed. 
Priory of the orange tree, illuminae, Mistborn, This is how you lose the time war,Wranglestone, Stain and Nimona.

First off I’d like to say I don’t read Romance books as it isn’t my thing so I won’t be talking about romance books but I will talk about my likes and dislikes about romance in the books I have read. I read mainly YA, Fantasy, Sci-fi and mystery/thriller books.

I will say that I am very picky about romance in books. I’m not sure how to describe what I like and dislike about romance. I also think it depends on what mood I’m in when reading the book. Romance isn’t something I’m a fan of but I do like to see and I’ll admit to shipping characters. 

The type of romance I enjoy are slow burn romances and I like to see the slow realisation that they are in love. I love the awkward-ness of some romance too!  I also enjoy cute and fluffy romances that make you smile and are a little tooth-rotting. I just enjoy adorable romances and I also love it when the couple are complete opposites. I do like enemies to lovers but it has to be done well. I quite like romance in fairytale retellings too as I’ve a,ways loved fairytales. 

I really don’t like Instalove as I cannot relate to it and it always feels odd to read a book then suddenly two characters are in love. I also really don’t like love triangles so I usually stay away from books that I know have a love triangle. Then again I’ve read some books where there’s a slight love triangle and I’ve still enjoyed it. I’m not fond of sex scenes either and I’d prefer a fade to black or off the page scene. I don’t like certain flirty phrases and some of them make me cringe when reading. Aurora Rising is an example of phrases that make me cringe and I will admit it made me dnf the book. 

Sometimes I think that romance isn’t really needed in the book and doesn’t really add anything to the books plot. Sometimes it annoys me and sometimes I don’t mind. There’s a lot of books where I don’t think romance is needed, especially in YA and Fantasy books and sometimes it feels like the characters are just thrown together and theirs no spark. 

I enjoy most romances in fantasy books,  Sci-fi andYA romance is hit or miss for me and I don’t take much notice of fantasy in thrillers as I’m all about the mystery. 

Thanks for Reading!


One thought on “My Thoughts on Romance in books I’ve read.

  1. Hallo, Hallo Lucy,

    I don’t think there is a right / wrong way to approach Romance in Lit? There are a lot of cross-overs as you’ve mentioned where you can find a dash (or a heap!) of Rom in other genres outside the main scope of Romance and/or Women’s Fiction; though the latter is more about the fuller life of the lead character than the relationship being built, etc. This is one reason why on my bookish chat @SatBookChat I try to highlight and explore other avenues of Rom & WF overall; including moving more in a direction of strong female characters across genre(s) and highlighting Feminist Lit selections as well as keeping to the roots of what I founded the chat to encompass.

    On that note one of my favourite guest authors last year was E. Chris Garrison who I asked to talk about her platonic transgender novella series “Trans-Continental” as that is also a valid point about romance overall – how sometimes there is platonic love, too.

    From there, I also highlight #CosyCrime series and other stories which I feel are within the scope of what I love to read and what I feel benefits the chat as well. This is why your post perked my interest because it was nice to see someone talking about how Romance can tackle different impressions to different readers!

    For me, slow burns have to be organically driven in the plot and they just have to feel realistic, too. Sometimes I get the feeling some writers do this better than others; some either drag it out to where it stalls or they seem too fantastical to be real in a Contemporary setting. Otherwise, I agree – they are the best to snuggle into and watch the relationship begin to develop! Esp if they were polar opposites or if they weren’t originally attracted to each other at all and something happens to pull them together! Such as the stories I find in one of my favourite imprints Love Inspired Suspense!

    lol We have more in common than I thought! I am not into insta-love either – at least the way it is generally approached in stories – in films, I do like meet-cute situations which lead-in to falling in love at first sight – but those plottings generally have some conflict too. The characters can’t be together straight-off or something else is preventing them for pursuing each other at the same time we meet them. If its done well its wicked intriguing! I’m not into triangles either — as those have a tendency to go off to places I’d rather avoid.

    In regards to the heat in Roms – there is definitely a bracket of height isn’t there? I have the UBB features by Nose Graze and I never thought I’d have to use the ‘flames’ but sometimes I notice that Contemporary Romances (at least for me) are pushing the envelope for what those are meant to feature and shoving me closer towards reading an “E” novel (if you get my gist) which is a genre I *never!* seek out nor have any interest in reading! I much prefer what you’re talking about here and/or it can have a bit more heat but I also like the allure of the unknown.. I don’t need all the rapturous details to feel connected to the couple or their romance!!

    A good well-rounded post. I only wish you had given a few more examples – so I knew which ones you loved the most and which ones weren’t really your cuppa.Outside of that you presented yourself well!

    PS: It is always lovely to see you’ve visited with me when you’ve clicked the like buttons!

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